Purpose in the Journey

Travel is a personal venture. On any given day, thousands of people visit the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. Some are there because Gladiator is their favorite movie; they want to go beyond the standard touring areas and explore the arena floor. Others are visiting because of their interest in ancient architecture. Another group is on a “Rome in a Day” tour because they want to see as much as possible before traveling to the next Italian town. And some are there just to take a selfie with one of the costumed centurions; after all, it’s all about great social media posts!
We each have unique needs and desires when we travel, and our needs and desires may vary depending on the destination or occasion. One of the responsibilities of a quality travel advisor is to help you, the traveler, determine what is important for your travel experience. Often, that includes more than purchasing the most convenient flight schedule, selecting a well-located hotel, and reserving the best tours.  Sometimes, it’s about purpose.
Why are you taking a trip? Look beyond the obvious milestone anniversary or birthday celebration or the fact that your children have been begging to go to Walt Disney World. What can you accomplish through travel that is sometimes difficult to achieve from the comfort of your own living room?

  • Unplug. Escape the hectic pace of “real life” and enjoy a period of true rest and relaxation.
  • Reconnect with your family. Allow time for meaningful conversations.
  • Make memories with your children or grandchildren. Eighteen years pass more quickly than you realize.
  • Add to your collections….from the source.
  • Relive history. 
  • Try something adventurous, and feel accomplished after the fact!
  • Immerse yourself in a different culture. In the process, you may gain a greater appreciation of your own.

On social media, you’ve possibly seen a gorgeous photograph with these words typed across the top or bottom: “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer!” If your travel plans allow for moments of purpose, you can indeed return home fulfilled.

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